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Black and White Images

I think a novel shouldn't have pictures; it's a bit too influential on the imagination. At the same time, illustrating the settings in The Wizard's Harvest Table is something I'd really like to do (and to see interpretations by others). How's that for a bind?

Balkan's Tower

That is one of the murkiest pictures I've done in a while. I keep telling myself I should do dozens of these, but then I end up writing instead, or doing things like making a Kindle and an ePub version of the book! That's something that certainly makes the weekend short.

My very small Kindle library

The coolest thing is seeing the "NEW" ribbon on your own book! (And yep, that Alastair Reynolds book is what I'm reading now).

The first thing to resolve is the way layout converts, as the pages are stripped away and every different ebook format does a sort of webification dance to enable screens to resize and reflow the content. Images which look awesome on white pages looked unsettling in night-mode because they don't invert and Kindle can't swap variants of an image depending on the selected view mode. Another reason not to include pictures in a book?

After all, what do the characters look like? What do the animals and plants we've never seen before look like?

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